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 Factory Fitness              

Myrestown Pa                           

Does your gym have showers?

-We do not have showers, but we do have both women's and men's bathrooms, plus changing rooms.

Is there someone always at the gym watching it or helping?

-The gym is self-efficient for the most part, but we do have staff during sign-ups and our friendly members are always helping each other.

Does the gym have heat and air conditioning?

-The gym does have heat that is set at a mild temperature because we do not want our members to over heat. But, due to the old industrial building, we only have good ole' fresh country air and fans to cool the gym, which all of our members get use to within a week.

Is the gym clean since it is an old building?

-The gym is cleaned weekly and maintained throughout the week, but due to the age of the building, it may gather some dust sometimes that our staff would be more than glad to clean if notified (as well as anything else).

I can't make it during the sign-ups, what should I do?

-You may call the number and the staff member will work with your schedule!

Do you have personal training?

-We do have personal training by Mitch Davis, who has his master's in exercise science. For more information, please come in.

Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program